QR-LCH Rolling Lateral Cassette Holder

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Quantum's Rolling Lateral Cassette Holder is another great addition to any x-ray examination facility. The Rolling Lateral Cassette Holder accommodates portable DR Panels, CR and Film Cassettes up to 14" x 17" in size with convenient size adjustment locks. The Rolling Lateral Cassette Holder's ergonomic design provides the ability to position imaging plates of any size or kind around the patient facilitating a precise and stable imaging platform. From the emergency room, operating room and/or radiographic examination room the Rolling Lateral Cassette Holder reduces positioning time which can be critical in some areas. The Rolling Lateral Cassette Holder also provides an excellent platform for performing patellar views.

Vertical travel of up to 45.9" (116.6 cm) - See Figure A - makes examining lower extremities fast and simple. You can also tilt the receptor full 90° - See Figure B/C - to create a flat top for extremities such as hands. The additional flexibility lies in the receptors +/-90° angle rotation - See Figure D - enabling unique angels to be easily achieved. Quick locking 5 inch caster wheels provide great stability during the examination.

QR-LCH Rolling Lateral Cassette Holder (for Portable DR Panels or CR / Film Cassettes)
• Quick and Secure maneuverability around the x-ray exam room
• Articulating swivel arm (±90°) allows variety of angled positions
• Accommodates portable DR panels, CR or film cassettes, up to 14
" X 17"
• Assists in acquiring cross-table lateral exams, as well as many other specialty views
• Provides positioning of image receptor either at or below
• Table top to eliminate image cut-off during cross table examinations
• Height Adjustable positioning with Vertical travel of up to 45.9
• (116.6 cm); Single-Handed Vertical Adjustment Locking Mechanism
• Receptor Rotation: +/- 90° for more angle flexibility
• Receptor Tilt: 0° through 90°
• Quick Locking 5” Caster Wheels

QR-LCH Rolling Lateral Cassette Holder