TechVision with Q-VISION Generator

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Enhanced TechVision™ Control Features with Q-VISION on Q-Rad Radiographic Systems (Non-Digital)

Improving Technologist Workflow and Increasing Patient Care

Quantum Q-Rad Analog Radiographic Systems that are fully integrated with the Q-VISION generator have the option of TechVision™ Technology.  This option now allows the technologist to use the color touch display to easily view and set up all technique parameters as well as access set up functions right at tube side.

Quantum's TechVision™ minimises going back-and-forth from the patient's side to the generator’s Operator Control Panel in order to customize patient exams. The operator has complete control to adjust exposure parameters at the tube-side, just as if they were at the generator’s Operator Control Panel. This synchronized generator solution greatly streamlines the imaging process and decreases overall examination time, while allowing the technologist to remain close to the patient, increasing patient care.

Q-VISION with TechVision™

The Benefits of Improved Workflow On Non-Digital Systems With The Ability To Upgrade To DR Later

Each customer buying the TechVision™ and Q-VISION HF Series Generator combination will benefit from improved workflow and improved patient care on non-DR systems. The same benefits that the customer will benefit from now are designed for a unique upgrade path that includes integration when the customer is ready to step up to DR.

If you upgrade a Quantum non-DR system to DR, with DRX Wireless Technology, the benefits of already having TechVision™ on the system will make the upgrade easier and more cost effective. Your customer will get the advantage of being able to upgrade to a fully integrated system.

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• Large 10.1" Color Display (1024 x 768 Pixels) with Rich Graphics and Fast performance

• Touchscreen technology

• Full APR, AEC, and Manual Technique Selection; including mA, kVp and mAs control

• Eliminates going back and forth from the generator control panel to the patient

• Gives the operator complete control to adjust exposure parameters at tube-side        

• Improved patient care, as technologist remains close to the patient during exam set-up procedure

• Reduces the steps taken by technologist for faster patient through-put