QT-LCH Lateral Cassette Holder

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Quantum’s Lateral Cassette Holder is specifically designed to be used with Remote Digital panels, as well as all CR and film cassettes up to size  of 14" x 17" and easily  slides onto the side rails of any Quantum Series tables.

The Lateral Cassette Holder’s articulating swivel arm allows the technologist to position it close to the patient for cross-table, as well as decubitis exams. The ±90º rotation of the articulating swivel arm allows for angle views of various anatomical regions.  With the Quantum Lateral Cassette Holder the technologist no longer needs to stand in the exam room to hold the plate in position.

QT-LCH Lateral Cassette Holder (for Portable DR Panels, CR or Film Cassettes)
• Articulating swivel arm (±90°) allows variety of angled positions, along table-top
• Accommodates portable DR panels, CR or film cassettes, up to 14
" X 17"
• Mounts to either side of Table Rails

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